OMG! I’ve Been Glutened!! Now What?

It’s gonna happen, no matter how safe you’ve tried to be.  You have accidentally ingested something with hidden gluten or has been cross contaminated and now you are sick.  Ugggh!  Woulda, coulda, shoulda……………yeah………we know……..but it’s done…….now what?

We all have different rituals to heal and feel better and you will have to figure out what works best for you.  Also, don’t forget everyone is different as to how long it takes to get back up and running.  One time I was been better after a day of yuck, another time it took me more than a week!  Depending on what your symptoms are, here are a few ideas to help deal until you can get back to “normal”:

First off, don’t beat yourself up about this.  It happens to all of us and probably won’t be the last time.  It is important to figure out where the gluten came from and make a mental note so that you can steer clear of whatever it is in the future.

Drink lots of water.   It is important to stay hydrated.

Sooth your tummy with some tea.  Pick one or a combo of:  Ginger, peppermint, fennel or chamomile.  Fresh is great, if not dried/teabags will work too.  All of these are great for calming the tummy, relaxing you and helping to relieve spasms, aches and gas.

Ginger – I keep candied ginger around just because and just in case.  Ginger is a wonderful little root that has all sorts of benefits like relief from inflammation, heart burn, nausea, stomach spasms and aids in digestion. Of course if you have fresh ginger and want to use that for your tea or in your food that is even better! 

Eat less and be bland! Sick to foods that are easy to digest, mashed potatoes, rice, soup, smoothies…….  Your tummy is already fighting the gluten, don’t make it work harder by trying to digest dairy, spicy or high fiber foods too.  Give it a day or three of feeling good before you start your regular eating again.

Get in a little exercise.  Key word here…….a little.  Don’t go crazy, but do some stretching or yoga.  Exercise will give you a little more energy and actually helps to detoxify your body.

Activated charcoal can help to alleviate diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation, abdominal pain, etc.  When ingested, the activated charcoal adsorbs toxins and takes them out of the body before they can be absorbed.  Keep in mind that charcoal will absorb EVERYTHING, including medicines and vitamins you take and move it out before it gets a chance to absorb.  So you do not want to take this for days on end because while you are eliminating the toxins you are also eliminating all of the good stuff too!

Probiotics.  If you are not taking them already, now is the time to take some.  You gut is out of balance.  The “good bacteria” will help to get things back in order.  If you are not on them regularly, then take them till you feel better and keep them on hand.  If you are already taking them, up your dose for a few days.  Personally, I use FLORAJEN which for me works much better than the other ones I’ve tried.

Bentyl.  Before I realized that I was gluten intolerant, Bentyl was prescribed to me for stomach spasms.  Since being gluten free, I keep it on hand and take it when I’ve been glutened and my tummy is not cooperating.  It does not take away spasms 100%, but makes them MUCH more tolerable.

GlutenAid – This is a product at CVS that claims “CVS/pharmacy GlutenAid is specially formulated for individuals who feel unwell after eating wheat or grain and thus may have an intolerance to gluten.”  I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS.  But if you CLICK HERE there is another gluten free blogger that tried it and you can read what she experienced.  Please know that there is no cure for celiac or gluten intolerance.  The only way you can be symptom free is to completely avoid gluten.  This pill may or may not help with symptoms if you’ve been accidentally glutened and is absolutely NOT a pill to take so that you can purposely ingest gluten.  You will need to determine for yourself if you think this is worth it.

Digestive enzymes.  These help to breakdown different foods so that they can be absorbed/processed by the body.  Different enzymes help with different foods.  Some people have found this helps when they have been glutened.  Personally I have not tried this so I cannot say yay or nay.  But I will say again – if you are celiac or even gluten intolerant, this is not something that will “allow” you to eat gluten.

Ibuprofen. This can help to reduce the inflammation.  Please be sure that your brand of ibuprofen is gluten free!

I hope something in this list will help you!  Keep in mind, this too shall pass…….

Live and LOVE Gluten Free!!

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  1. foodvixennyc says:

    This whole gluten -free thing has me nuts! I am wondering if I am now allergic.. If I get any type of cramps after a meal, I’m paranoid if perhaps maybe I’ve developed a gluten allergy. I will get tested. But my question is why all of a sudden is everybody or almost everybody allergic to gluten? What have they been putting in our food to have this onset of allergies out of the clear blue sky within the last 8 or so yrs? I want to get to the bottom of this! Great post by the way. 😀


    1. Yes it IS frustrating! Check out my other post about the 200-300 symptoms from gluten intolerance! It is amazing and scary all at the same time.

      For me, I believe I have always had this problem. My mom would always say that I had a “nervous stomach” to explain my problems. Then as an adult, this has explained about 95% of the things that I have ever gone to the doctor for.

      I think you have the key – they are putting more and more gluten in the foods now days that they ever did. When I was young we only ate fresh foods. I actually remember when Hamburger Helper came out (geeze, I’m dating myself!) my mom refused to serve it. She would make her own version from scratch. We never ate convenience foods. That changed quite a bit when I moved out and started my own family. Not realizing it, we were adding more and more gluten into our diet.

      Next time you get cramps after a meal, check the food to see if you’ve eaten a lot of gluten…….you never know! Good luck, and I’m glad you liked my post! 😀


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on the ginger! Ginger tea and water are my best friends after a rough spell with gluten.


    1. I love love love Ginger! I always keep some of the dried stuff at home or in my desk……..its good for SO many things!!


  3. Suzy Sandor says:

    I guess I am very lucky but eating gluten willfully once in a great great while does not bother me whatsoever. I had big time daily stomachaches and evacuation issues but the very same day I stopped the yummy dailybread (that had as an ingredient wheat gluten?!) I was born again tummyachefree.


    1. Nicole :) says:

      Wow, you are lucky! I don’t willfully eat any gluten at all. For me, its just not worth it. I often get sick from cross contamination eating out or at friends homes. But if you have no more issues……….CONGRATS!!! 🙂 Nicole


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